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Artificial Intelligence Text Technology

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At the dawn of 2020, the amount of data globally was estimated to be 44 zettabytes – much of it external, unstructured text data.

Companies face a disruptive data challenge. How can they not only manage growing volumes of text data, but extract game-changing insights from it?

With HIPSTO’s advanced AI platform, that unlocks access to external text data, and uses state-of-the-art Natural Language Understanding and Generation analyses, to empower deep information discovery for enterprises, SMEs and individuals.

Alternative Data

Financial Services

Superior Sentiment Analysis

Consistent sentiment composition on online text content in 101 languages.

Voice of Customer (VoC)


Best Extraction Technology

Data track SKUs across the E-commerce landscape to uncover key customer insights.

Contextual Targeting

Publishing & Advertising

Text Intelligence 2.0

AdTech enabling technology for a Cookie-less era.

Cleaned Data Sets

Machine Learning

Automatic Text Labeling

Disruptive labeling technology to improve data analytics.

The platform’s cloud-based technology stack delivers an advanced, end-to-end solution of ‘chained’ proprietary AI modules, underpinned by the latest Transformer architectures (e.g.mT5) and powerful enough to understand online text content in 101 languages, all with the rich contextual details vital for meaning.

Our technology, our platform and our expertise combine to create the tailored solutions businesses need to extract, curate and analyse crucial insights found within external text data – to seize the competitive edge of the expanding data ecosystem.

“Organisations are facing a critical challenge; to access and harness the deep insights concealed within growing volumes of text data. We’ve built the solution – our proprietary AI microservice, Blind Vision, offers the best web text extraction and automated labeling technology globally, far superior to Computer Vision and Raw Code Processing.”

Sebastian Owen
CEO & Founder


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