Global vision

United goal

In 2017 a small team of like minded, tech savvy professionals set out on an a challenging endeavour driven by an intrinsic desire, to shift the paradigm on global information asymmetry between the ‘haves’ and the ‘have nots’. This led to the inception of HIPSTO; a deep tech AI development company with a focus on knowledge discovery and led by a vision to provide Purposeful Data for All.

To date, teams in the US, UK, The Netherlands, Ukraine and India, under a collaborative culture, have been challenging this asymmetry paradigm on numerous topics and from multiple angles. Our initial objectives have crystallized into a portfolio featuring a proprietary end-to-end AI open Knowledge Discovery pipeline, and an array of microservices ready to handle a broad spectrum of information tasks for individuals, SMEs and enterprises.

Our intrinsic openness translates to access. Access to the smartest thinkers, best performance resources, unparalleled solutions and infinite opportunities. All this is offered unlimited, without hierarchy and on an unprecedented scale. 

All Access AI


Purposeful Data for All


Resolve information asymmetry by creating an AI powered open knowledge discovery platform and the tooling required to unlock the full potential of any data, from for any given source.

By providing full access to like-minded entities, and encouraging collaborations, we want to further enhance our open platform and our combined futures. We believe in nourishing equality, diversity and prosperity.

Building a lasting legacy

Executive Team

Sebastian Owen

Sebastian Owen


Our spiritual information ‘junkie’ steering us on adventures in deep learning

Andrii Pylypenko

Andrii Pylypenko


Shakespeare inspired mining wizard working to uncover the next AI innovation

James Spice

James Spice


Strategy is on his mind, looking for more angles than the Welsh rugby team

Marcel Driessen

Marcel Driessen


The ex city trader gone soft, now focused on our numbers

Vladimir Argunov

Vladimir Argunov

Head of AI

Laid back robot lover, aggressive practitioner of AI

Our Partners