Purposeful Data for All,

Powered by AI

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With global technology systems rapidly evolving and data generation expanding every year, we are living through an unparalleled time of growth. Many of us are enjoying the fruits of these exciting developments – but many more of us are not. 

In 2017, a small team of elite professionals in the tech space came together, inspired by a drive to restore the global information asymmetry between the ‘haves’ and the ‘have nots’. HIPSTO was born – a deep tech AI development company with a focus on knowledge discovery and information equality.

We have established a global heatmap of talent, from AI and machine learning specialists to world-class strategy experts, in the US, UK, The Netherlands, Ukraine and India, all working towards our vision – to provide purposeful data for all, powered by AI.

We are proud to be building a portfolio of deep tech solutions featuring a proprietary end-to-end AI open Knowledge Discovery pipeline, and a sophisticated suite of microservices ready to handle the most pressing information tasks for individuals, SMEs and enterprises.

We work hard to bring together the smartest thinkers and the best performance resources, creating intelligent solutions and infinite opportunities for our customers and partners, free from hierarchy, at an unprecedented scale.


Purposeful Data for All, powered by AI.


We want to resolve information inequality by creating an AI-powered open knowledge discovery platform, with the powerful tools needed to unlock the full potential of any data, from any source.

We believe in openness, and in providing full access to like-minded partners and encouraging collaborations, we’re determined to advance the capabilities of both our open platform and our combined global futures. 


Executive Team

Sebastian Owen

Sebastian Owen


Our spiritual information ‘junkie’, steering us on adventures in deep learning.

Andrii Pylypenko

Andrii Pylypenko


Shakespeare-inspired mining wizard, working to develop the next AI innovation.

James Spice

James Spice


With strategy on his mind, James is always looking for more angles than the Welsh rugby team.

Marcel Driessen

Marcel Driessen


The ex-city trader gone soft is now focused on driving our numbers.

Vladimir Argunov

Vladimir Argunov

Head of AI

Laidback robot lover, but aggressive practitioner of AI.

“Raw data itself says very little; but HIPSTO’s AI-powered, open knowledge discovery platform is able to unlock the full potential of any text data, from any given source, extracting value in meaningful and actionable ways. Our ‘open’ approach of providing full access to like-minded global entities and collaborations means we are consistently learning and advancing our platform and services. Do I believe our platform can become the ‘AWS of AI’ or a ‘Decentralized Information Ecosystem’? The team and I are excited to find out, driving us to work harder every day on the platform and our progress to achieving our vision.”

Sebastian Owen
CEO & Founder

Our Partners

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