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A good dataset should be easy to read, straight forward to manipulate, provide top-level and granular data, and most importantly be error-free. Only armed with this sort of meaningful data will you be empowered to make the bold decisions required to make an impact.

We understand this, but believe that for you to gain an edge or ensure your positions are safe we need to offer you more! Our ‘Advanced Monitoring Dataset Packages’ do exactly that, we have combined best in class web scraping with leading-edge NER (named entity recognition), sentiment analysis, related content detection, real-time data (upon request) and even OCR (optical character recognition).


Your dataset needs, surpassed

Advanced Reddit
Monitoring Dataset


Includes: Sentiment & Reaction Analysis


A better and more advanced subreddit analysis tool


HIPSTO’s Advanced Reddit Monitoring dataset is different and unique: multiple metric analysis, proprietary and state of the art Natural Language Understanding (NLU) technology, sentiment analysis, high accuracy ticker mapping, text and image processing, comment + reaction monitoring and applicable to all financial subreddits.

SEC Filings
NLP/U Analysis Dataset






Coming soon – H2 2021

Need something more bespoke?

Maybe you like the sound of our Reddit package, but you need the data real-time. perhaps you are more focused on cryprocurrency investors on Twitter, or product discussions on Instagram, All of this is possible with our highly adaptable, dynamic technology which enables us to target the subject of your choice across most social and chat platforms.

FalconV allows us to chain a series of microservices in order to deliver the output required by the client. And, as it’s our own proprietary platform we are faster and more agile than other solution providers who are at the mercy of 3rd party technology. We have the very best tools and we are always up for a challenge… what do you need?

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