Advanced REDDIT Monitoring Dataset

Version 2.0


The wait is over! Version 2.0 of our Advanced REDDIT Monitoring Dataset is now here. This new version includes ‘Trend Analysis’ and ‘Reply Monitoring’ (to comments). This is a significant USP compared to other current market propositions.

Version 1.0 already included unique capabilities such as multiple metric scanning, the use of proprietary and state-of-the-art Natural Language Understanding (NLU) technology, sentiment analysis, high-accuracy security ticker mapping (on 32000 global listed entities; Stocks, ADRs, ETFs and SPACs), text and image processing, and comment monitoring.

Currently, we are tracking r/wallstreetbets but our proprietary AI architecture template can be applied to ANY subreddit (2.8m and counting).

Initially, we built this in early 2021 for the financial community as a risk monitoring tool to address the ‘Swarm Trading’ phenomena following the GameStop saga, but our AI architecture has far more uses.

The Head of Customer Experience at a gaming company may want to monitor r/gaming.  A team building a Formula 1 news platform will want to keep on top of what is being said on r/formula1. A marketing executive at L’Oreal may need to follow r/femalefashionadvice. The uses are endless.


Download our Advanced REDDIT Monitoring Dataset Deck:

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