Series A

Funding round


The next stage of HIPSTO’s journey is about to start, as we invite requests for further information about our Series A funding round. Successes to date have already made the path exhilarating, but as has been our philosophy from day one, what we are most excited about is what’s yet to come. We are offering a rare opportunity to play a part and benefit from investing in an organization at the very forefront globally of leading-edge AI & NLP (NLU & NLG), at an early stage.

We have achieved truly significant AI/NLP breakthroughs over the last 6 months, which has coincided with the recent start of HIPSTO’s commercial journey. And yet, we have only just scratched the surface, with our hugely talented and experienced team.

Our Initial, key commercial areas of focus, are Data Labeling, Alt Data and Brand Safety – markets we either know well or have researched extensively. However, the applications and bespoke solutions that can be provided by our unique AI technology platform are limitless.

We aim to build HIPSTO into a leading, global commercial entity.

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