An edge from unstructured data

Bespoke Alt Data Solutions

Financial Services

The financial markets are constantly changing. Whilst the knowledge that professionals can gain from analyzing world data evolves, so to do the tools needed to extract, curate, analyze and deliver.

The Web, sees accelerated, exponential data growth in volume, variety and velocity. Most of this data is unstructured, and unused, as it is hard to process, interpret and apply. However, it is where businesses must go to find real-time and up-to-date information that will help optimize investment models, provide alternative data sets and offer unique trading signals.

HIPSTO doesn’t simply deliver ‘off the shelf’ Alt Data sets. We provide your teams with the tools required to overcome the technical challenges of leveraging Alt Data and minimizing the costs associated with processing and analyzing it. Let’s find true trading signal and unique alpha.

A legitimate information advantage

“Over the next decade, the entire global investment management industry will undergo an inevitable paradigm shift in modernization, from a model-centric to a data-centric approach. The growing informational and cognitive overload will need to be managed. Natural Language Understanding & Generation will be at the very heart of this. We have built this ‘core technology platform’.”

Sebastian Owen
CEO & Founder

News Monitoring

We can create a bespoke multilingual newsfeed on any topic that demonstrates unprecedented accuracy and understanding. Our advanced web scraping technology is consistent across 106 languages and extracts data from articles, social media and any other open sources. 

Add to this, automated, advanced technology that immediately shows you the positive, neutral and negative sentiment of an article, and highlights duplicate content, and you will find yourself ahead of your competition, whoever they are.  


Scalable Web Scraping

Web Scraping may sound easy, but it’s not! We have solved the 5 most prevalent issues faced by standard web scraping methods. One key example being, constant website layout changes.

SEO improvements and UX/UI changes are delivered through HTML layout amendments. As a result, element locators that web scrapers are configured to in order to extract data, change and break the scraping process by extracting incorrect or no data. It takes a lot of manual effort to update these configurations and maintaining thousands of sources becomes near impossible.

We have fully automated the process of source reconfiguration to present you with a truly scalable, leading-edge web scraping solution. One that operates in 106 languages and can scrape data from any web source in real-time.