The latest musings from the HIPSTO team on deep learning and advanced AI.

Advanced automated text classification

HIPSTO has developed an advanced automated text classification solution for customer reviews on e-commerce sites, that uses proprietary NLU technology to understand the semantics and meaning of text, like a person - with amazing accuracy. Our technology works natively with 100+ languages, without any translation agents, making it perfect for global brands in multiple territories, who need absolute accuracy in almost any language. Our latest text classification solution is part of a larger no-code Voice of Customer (VoC) AI Solutions pipeline that includes Web Scraping, Automated Data Set cleaning and Sentiment Analysis.

Meet the Single Point Web Scraping Approach

Web scraping is a billion-dollar industry as our world of data continues to explode, with an estimated 2.5 quintillion bytes of data produced every day. Traditional web scrapers struggle with different formats and features, leaving organisations to fall behind in the information wars. We need a new single point web scraping approach to overcome the challenge – and quickly.

Future AI Data Pipeline

Active in financial markets and AI? Think your business is ready for a data-driven transformation? 🚀

Think again.

New research by London Stock Exchange Group suggests that the rapid acceleration we are already seeing is just a glimpse of what’s to come.

News Feeds & AI Text Technology

Accurate news feeds are critical for staying up to date, gaining the latest insights and making intelligent decisions, but information overload and inaccuracy make this a challenging area. Industry-leading AI pipelines like the FalconV platform and the related Blind Vision Technology are creating the next generation newsfeed on quantity and quality, raise the bar on what is possible and help unlock insights from unstructured news text data.

Advertising’s New Privacy Expectations

At the end of last month, the ICO (Information Commissioner's Office) released ‘Data protection and privacy expectations for online advertising proposals.’ It’s an important doc for both AdTech providers and advertisers - a link has been provided in the first comment below.

The paper addresses advertisers desire to accurately place relevant content, in an environment focused on less intrusive tracking and the phasing out of 3rd party cookies. It’s a challenging dilemma, but throughout the document, one solution is consistently referred to – contextual-based advertising – ad content that relates to the specific web content.

Multilingual Capabilities

All our AI micro-services inside our FalconV platform have REAL multilingual processing capabilities - currently in 100+ languages. 

There are several approaches to multilingual processing. We are using a 'single model for multiple languages approach', where a single model is trained to understand multiple languages at the same time, via the use of existing Transformers (e.g. mT5) and added with our own proprietary neural network architectures.

Voice of the Customer (VoC) Analytics

Wonderflow has developed a unified VoC analytics platform that can draw together 200+ customer feedback sources in an easy to use platform. Now you can examine the Voice of Customers from all over the world - both your own and those of competitors.

As a proud technology partner of Wonderflow, HIPSTO extended the invitation to produce our very first 'guest blog'.

Find out why Voice of Customer (VoC) has become such a hot topic, and learn about the four main types of VoC analytics from the team at Wonderflow: Lucia Manetti, Halle Dang, and Michele Ruini.

Automatic Text Classification

In response to this ever-growing need, we have recently launched a major update to the automatic text classification capabilities built into our unique FalconV platform. FalconV is HIPSTO’s ground-breaking, end-to-end, cloud-based, artificial intelligence platform that delivers unmatched AI capabilities and enables unrivalled resource efficiency while analyzing content in over 100 languages. Automatic text classification is available as a microservice, delivered through an API.

IAB Content Taxonomy 2.2 – Tier 1

Automated Text Classification – Update!

Over the summer, our amazing technology wizards have been working on a new AI microservice – Automated Text Classification – available via FalconV, our ground-breaking AI platform.

The team has built a ‘Classification/Categorization’ API, that can now label any text into one of the IAB (Interactive Advertising Bureau) Content Taxonomy 2.2, TIER 1 categories. We cover both short-form text (e.g. customer reviews, tweets) and long-form text (e.g. news articles, op-ed pieces) and in over 100 languages (!).

All Access AI

We are often asked about our longer-term vision for the incredible AI platform we are building.

Our current ‘Value Proposition’ can be defined as: Access to Unstructured Text Data + ’State-of-the-Art' Natural Language Processing analysis. This is underpinned by us being active in the advanced areas of Natural Language Understanding (NLU) and Natural Language Generation (NLG). The platform enables many uses across multiple industries - first focus is on Alt Data and Ecommerce/CX!

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