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Multi-lingual Text Analytics

Why Google Translate and other 'Translation Agents' suck - and we can prove it!

If your service providers (e.g. Voice of Customer agents, NLP platforms) are using Google Translate (or any other ‘Translation Agent’) for your multi-lingual text data analysis, you may not want to read any further…

Blind Vision: Applications (E-commerce)

Blind Vision has many real-world applications but the one we’re most excited about is how it can help global e-commerce businesses operate smoothly and seamlessly, anywhere in the world. To us humans all e-commerce platforms look the same... But not to computers. Each platform has its own specific code structure that changes continuously.

Blind Vision: Input

Over 75% of the current data explosion is unstructured and text-based.

This is a major headache for global companies, who know that insights abound in unstructured (text) data, but how to process it in a way that doesn’t take hundreds of man-hours?

You need end-to-end, reliable, (no-code) AI text data pipelines, powerful enough to extract and analyse actionable and valuable insights.

These data pipelines need excellent and reliable INPUT layers that provide efficient and accurate extraction, and clean and structured text data for further analysis, all at scale.

You need HIPSTO.

Blind Vision: Cleaning

You already know that any Natural Language Processing (NLP) or (better) Natural Language Understanding (NLU) pipeline requires quality input text for the best results.

But preparing that quality data can be a challenge.

Text found on many web pages is often compromised by ‘content-related noise’, such as advertisements or unrelated excerpts from other sources. 

Existing technologies including Raw Code Processing and Computer Vision are being used to cleanse and process text data, but the results are unreliable, costly and inefficient. 

Blind Vision: Understanding

The next generation of text data extraction is here - ‘Blind Vision’ from HIPSTO, and it’s outperforming existing technologies on both accuracy and cost.

Existing AI extraction solutions struggle to handle the volume of data across multiple and diverse ranges of web sources and formats…

Web page layouts and code structure for even a single source change continuously - a huge headache with lots of human maintenance efforts involved to up and retrain.

Using basic raw data processing alone delivers poor results. Massive datasets are required to get disappointing levels of accuracy – this simply isn’t sustainable or scalable.

Blind Vision is the answer.

Advanced Sentiment Analysis – Customer Reviews

HIPSTO has developed an advanced sentiment analysis solution for customer reviews on e-commerce sites, that uses proprietary Natural Language Understanding (NLU) technology to understand the semantics and meaning of text, just like a person. 😄

We’re proud of the amazing accuracy and consistency of our technology. In fact, our results are scoring significantly higher than our nearest market rivals - F1 accuracy score at 0.94 vs. industry-leading technology at 0.80.

Advanced automated text classification

HIPSTO has developed an advanced automated text classification solution for customer reviews on e-commerce sites, that uses proprietary NLU technology to understand the semantics and meaning of text, like a person - with amazing accuracy. Our technology works natively with 100+ languages, without any translation agents, making it perfect for global brands in multiple territories, who need absolute accuracy in almost any language. Our latest text classification solution is part of a larger no-code Voice of Customer (VoC) AI Solutions pipeline that includes Web Scraping, Automated Data Set cleaning and Sentiment Analysis.

Meet the Single Point Web Scraping Approach

Web scraping is a billion-dollar industry as our world of data continues to explode, with an estimated 2.5 quintillion bytes of data produced every day. Traditional web scrapers struggle with different formats and features, leaving organisations to fall behind in the information wars. We need a new single point web scraping approach to overcome the challenge – and quickly.

Future AI Data Pipeline

Active in financial markets and AI? Think your business is ready for a data-driven transformation? 🚀

Think again.

New research by London Stock Exchange Group suggests that the rapid acceleration we are already seeing is just a glimpse of what’s to come.

News Feeds & AI Text Technology

Accurate news feeds are critical for staying up to date, gaining the latest insights and making intelligent decisions, but information overload and inaccuracy make this a challenging area. Industry-leading AI pipelines like the FalconV platform and the related Blind Vision Technology are creating the next generation newsfeed on quantity and quality, raise the bar on what is possible and help unlock insights from unstructured news text data.

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