Advanced automated text classification

Native understanding of 100+ languages


You’ve heard of Voice of Customer…but are you ready for ‘Mind of Customer’?

Global brands and e-commerce businesses are beginning to see how emerging AI advancements can help them turn customer reviews, social media messages and other text data into valuable market insights. 🤓

But the real value lies in the meaning behind such insights. 📈

If we know what our customer is saying, then we can get closer to what they are thinking.

By deploying Natural Language Understanding (NLU) technology, we can go beyond extracting text data, to truly understanding it.

HIPSTO has developed an advanced automated text classification solution for customer reviews on e-commerce sites, that uses proprietary NLU technology to understand the semantics and meaning of text, like a person – with amazing accuracy. 💫

Our technology works natively with 100+ languages, without any translation agents, making it perfect for global brands in multiple territories, who need absolute accuracy in almost any language. 🌍

Our latest text classification solution is part of a larger no-code Voice of Customer (VoC) AI Solutions pipeline that includes Web Scraping, Automated Data Set cleaning and Sentiment Analysis.

Get even closer to your customers with HIPSTO, and take the global competitive edge. 💪

Read our VoC deck to learn more or check out the previous blog we wrote on Automatic Text Classification

advanced categorization graph of a customer review


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