Advanced Sentiment Analysis

Native understanding of 100+ languages


📣 Real customers, real data – real meaning…

Global brands are waking up to the next level of insights hidden within customer reviews, social media messages and other text data. 🤓

…But extracting the data only tells half the story. 📖

Sophisticated sentiment analysis is needed to augment text data with the rich contextual details vital for meaning.

Humans are hardwired to discern such meaning but even the most advanced scraping technologies have failed so far to deliver – at scale. 

Until now. 🎉

HIPSTO has developed an advanced sentiment analysis solution for customer reviews on e-commerce sites, that uses proprietary Natural Language Understanding (NLU) technology to understand the semantics and meaning of text, just like a person. 😄

We’re proud of the amazing accuracy and consistency of our technology. In fact, our results are scoring significantly higher than our nearest market rivals – F1 accuracy score at 0.94 vs. industry-leading technology at 0.80.

Our technology works natively with 100+ languages, without any translation agents, making it perfect for global brands in multiple territories, who need absolute accuracy in almost any language, and consistency in sentiment composition on semantically similar texts. 🌍

Our Sentiment Analysis solution is part of a larger no-code Voice of Customer (VoC) AI Solutions pipeline that includes Web Scraping, Automated Data Set cleaning and Text Classification. 

Get closer than anyone to your customers with HIPSTO, and turn text data into meaningful insights to dominate your market. 🚀

Discover our VoC AI pipeline.

To learn more, read our Advanced Sentiment Analysis deck or check out our blog.

sentiment analysis of a customer review


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