Advertising’s new privacy expectations

Aiming to hit the target


At the end of last month, the ICO (Information Commissioner’s Office) released ‘Data protection and privacy expectations for online advertising proposals.’ It’s an important doc for both AdTech providers and advertisers – a link has been provided in the first comment below. 

The paper addresses advertisers desire to accurately place relevant content, in an environment focused on less intrusive tracking and the phasing out of 3rd party cookies. It’s a challenging dilemma, but throughout the document, one solution is consistently referred to – contextual-based advertising – ad content that relates to the specific web content.

Our HIPSTO development team have been working hard to develop the most crucial element required for contextual advertising – automatic text classification. And, as we always seek to provide an exceptional solution, they’ve done so by applying the mT5 Transformer, and best in class neural network architectures to create a multilingual solution (in 100+ languages) that isn’t subject to the inaccuracy of translation.

So, whilst cookies are on the demise, advertising can remain right on target. 

For more on the subject, read: Reinventing Automatic Text Classification.

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