All Access AI

Purposeful Data for All


So let’s open up…

We are often asked about our longer-term vision for the incredible AI platform we are building.  

Our current ‘Value Proposition’ can be defined as: Access to Unstructured Text Data + ’State-of-the-Art’ Natural Language Processing analysis. This is underpinned by us being active in the advanced areas of Natural Language Understanding (NLU) and Natural Language Generation (NLG). The platform enables many uses across multiple industries – first focus is on Alt Data and Ecommerce/CX!

But our longer-term plans are grander and far more ambitious. 

We are building an AI-powered, open knowledge discovery platform that is able to unlock the full potential of any text data, from any given source. Raw data itself says very little; we bring out the full informational value in meaningful and actionable ways. The ‘open’ nature refers to us providing full access to like-minded global entities, collaborations and purposeful data for all; enterprises, SMEs and individuals.

Whether this idea moves over time into us building the ‘AWS of AI’ or a ‘Decentralized Information Eco-System’, only time will tell. The ambition for both is there and is driving the hard work we put into advancing the platform every day.

Thoughts become Things