Blind Vision

Part Four: Applications (E-commerce)


ICYMI: We’ve loved introducing you to Blind Vision – our proprietary technology that offers the world’s best web text extraction and processing solutions. 💫

Need a recap? Blind Vision:

✅ Part 1: UNDERSTANDS web page layouts like a human and re-configures code structure changes without manual intervention.

✅ Part 2: Automatically CLEANS and processes unstructured text data – native in 100+ languages – into clean and structured data. 

✅ Part 3: Is a vital INPUT component in any AI data pipeline that sources data from multiple public web pages.


Blind Vision has many real-world applications but the one we’re most excited about is how it can help global e-commerce businesses operate smoothly and seamlessly, anywhere in the world. 🌏

To us humans all e-commerce platforms look the same…🤷🏻‍♀️

But not to computers.  🖥

Each platform has its own specific code structure that changes continuously. 

It’s like trying to catch a red ping pong ball (‘data’) in a 3D room full of balls, all changing colour! 🏓

Global brands that sell their products in many geographies and on many e-commerce platforms, are forced to integrate or build a large number of crawling and scraping agencies to match the challenge of these code changes.

These need to first understand the specific e-commerce website and its layout, then maintain and re-train (through costly human effort) once code structure changes appear.

This takes time, money and manpower. 😔

Blind Vision solves all these pain points!

Built into our own advanced Web Scraper, Blind Vision understands every global e-commerce platform, creating a single point and fully automated extraction capability that significantly reduces your global data extraction costs.

A new dawn in e-commerce data extraction is here….🌄

Blind Vision is now part of the ‘INPUT’ layer of our larger no-code AI text technology platform, empowering our market-leading curation and analysis layers.

Come talk to us and find out more on ‘Blind Vision‘ and the commercial applications we have come up with.

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