Blind Vision

Part Two: Cleaning


AI analytics can be incredibly powerful BUT…

They are only as powerful as the quality of their input. ✅

You already know that any Natural Language Processing (NLP) or (better) Natural Language Understanding (NLU) pipeline requires quality input text for the best results.

But preparing that quality data can be a challenge.😔

Text found on many web pages is often compromised by ‘content-related noise’, such as advertisements or unrelated excerpts from other sources. 

Existing technologies including Raw Code Processing and Computer Vision are being used to cleanse and process text data, but the results are unreliable, costly and inefficient. 

What a combo! 😩

Luckily, HIPSTO has developed the answer.

Our proprietary novel text extraction technology, ‘Blind Vision’ offers unrivalled text data cleansing and processing, with stellar results. 💫

Blind Vision’s cutting-edge web page layout Understanding and Processing technology automatically ‘cleans’ web pages and transforms ‘unclean’ unstructured text into a structured format for further analytics – at any scale. 

Blind Vision is now part of the ‘INPUT’ layer of our larger no-code AI text technology platform, providing continuous clean text data, and empowering our market-leading curation and analysis layers: 

DON’T MISS: Next week, we’ll share how Blind Vision (part 3) is a vital INPUT for any AI No Code Data Pipeline that sources data from multiple web pages.

Come talk to us and find out more on ‘Blind Vision‘ and the commercial applications we have come up with.

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