Blind Vision

Part Three: Input


We’re living through an explosion in data generation…💣

And it’s only getting bigger.

By 2025, global data creation is projected to grow to more than 180 zettabytes (3x-4x today’s internet). 😱

Data can drive decision-making and empower customer insights…

But only if you can analyse it. 🔍

Over 75% of the current data explosion is unstructured and text-based. 

This is a major headache for global companies, who know that insights abound in unstructured (text) data, but how to process it in a way that doesn’t take hundreds of man-hours? 

You need end-to-end, reliable, (no-code) AI text data pipelines, powerful enough to extract and analyse actionable and valuable insights. 💫

These data pipelines need excellent and reliable INPUT layers that provide efficient and accurate extraction, and clean and structured text data for further analysis, all at scale. 

You need HIPSTO.

HIPSTO’s Blind Vision is a proprietary, state-of-the-art extraction and processing technology that provides the ULTIMATE solution to the world’s problem of how to extract and analyse text information from any web page. 

Blind Vision understands any web page layout, from e-commerce to news sites, and automatically transforms unstructured text data into clean, structured – and invaluable – data. 🌟

No manual intervention, no costly training and maintenance. 

Blind Vision is now part of the ‘INPUT’ layer of our larger no-code AI text technology platform, empowering our market-leading curation and analysis layers.

Come talk to us and find out more on ‘Blind Vision‘ and the commercial applications we have come up with.

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