Blind Vision

Part One: Understanding


Working with ‘Computer Vision’ and Raw Code Processing for your web text data extraction?

You’re already behind… 😱

The next generation of text data extraction is here – ‘Blind Vision’ from HIPSTO, and it’s outperforming existing technologies on both accuracy and cost. 

Existing AI extraction solutions struggle to handle the volume of data across multiple and diverse ranges of web sources and formats…

Web page layouts and code structure for even a single source change continuously –  a huge headache with lots of human maintenance efforts involved to up and retrain. 😔

Using basic raw data processing alone delivers poor results. Massive datasets are required to get disappointing levels of accuracy – this simply isn’t sustainable or scalable.

Blind Vision is the answer. 💫

It is a novel new Web Page layout Understanding and Processing technology that can understand any global web page layout – just like a human – and identify changes to web pages automatically, reconfiguring the code structure changes by itself. No manual intervention required! 🙅‍♂️

Blind Vision is now part of our ‘Input’ layer of our own larger no-code AI text technology platform.

Next week Part 2 on how Blind Vision automatically Cleans & Structures external unstructured text.

Come talk to us and find out more on ‘Blind Vision‘ and the commercial applications we have come up with. 

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