Different bee

Same honey?


A honey bee weighs 0.00025 pounds, flies up to six miles/day and during its lifetime gathers enough nectar to produce just one twelfth of a teaspoon of honey. That’s a lot of work to produce a small amount of homogeneous mixture.

Parallels can be drawn with the approach currently taken to text data labeling – an industry that still utilizes significant human capital on managed or crowd-sourced teams. Like the bee, they rely on sheer numbers and hard work to generate a result.

Every client has basic needs they feel most data labellers can deliver: good training data sets, data delivered to required specs, speed and accuracy. Just like with honey, they want the high quality finished output (clean data), but spend little time considering the process that’s gone into it.

So, let’s replace the current ‘process’. HIPSTO can deliver a high quality output with our FULLY AUTOMATED text labelling technology, private or white label.

Biologically, honey is homogeneous but displays unique characteristics; let’s distinguish your offering with: NER, IAB classified Taxonomy, leading edge Sentiment Analysis and Related Content Detection. All across 106 Languages.

We can help you deliver a disruptive, new and better text data labeling solution in 2021.

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