Dear Financial Markets,

We built the future AI platform pipeline for you.


Active in financial markets and AI? Think your business is ready for a data-driven transformation? 🚀

Think again.

New research by London Stock Exchange Group suggests that the rapid acceleration we are already seeing is just a glimpse of what’s to come. 

I highly recommend you read ‘The defining moment for data scientists’ – it’s a fascinating and timely piece, particularly for text-heavy industries like financial markets and their data-native departments, from risk to trading to portfolio management, who are yet to make the big leap to scale AI and machine learning.

But the demand for end-to-end, reliable AI data pipelines, powerful enough to extract and analyse insights from unstructured text data, will only grow exponentially in the next decade. 📈

HIPSTO’s research has found that many financial institutions are attempting to build these data pipelines themselves, only to quickly discover the complexity of the work is matched only by the growing lack of capable data scientists and engineers.

The good news is that they don’t have to. 

HIPSTO has already built the future AI pipeline ready to extract, curate, analyze and deliver critical insights from unstructured text data via ’state-of-the- art’ AI-powered text technology. 💫

Get ahead of the data-driven revolution with HIPSTO – we’ll meet you at the information edge.

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