Contextual Targeting 5.0

IAB Classification via NLU


The cookie is crumbling for the global advertising industry. 🍪

At the recent MADTech event in London, (invited by our friends at ) I spoke extensively with industry leaders under pressure to create new data-driven models in a post-cookie world. 😞

‘Contextual targeting’ is one such solution being revisited…

…with many new players (as well as older ‘legacy’ veterans) claiming to have built the next generation in contextual intelligence solutions.

But this couldn’t be further from the truth. 🤥

Few of these solutions have harnessed the power of sophisticated AI technologies, capable of delivering PRECISE data-driven matching between publisher content and advertising, for transformative insights. 💫

Apart from HIPSTO, of course! 

HIPSTO’s Multi-Lingual IAB Content Taxonomy Classification uses Natural Language Understanding (NLU) to analyse the true meaning of any text, long and short form, in over 100 languages. 

In fact, the HIPSTO platform analyses and classifies content, attaching probability percentages for all 689 categories inside the IAB Content Taxonomy.

With HIPSTO, you can:

✅ Get far more accurate matching of content and ad campaigns.
✅ Analyse semantics of text, with human-like sentience.
✅ Protect your brand with next-generation contextual targeting and control.

We’re blowing the contextual targeting pretenders out of the water with a truly disruptive and transformative tool for both Publishers and Advertisers, unseen anywhere in the market today. 🌍

If you need quantifiable, razor-sharp contextual matching between content and advertiser’s needs and goals (and I know you do), then you need to talk to HIPSTO.

No cookies? No problem – take a bite of the new world of contextual advertising, only with HIPSTO.

Check out our ‘Eagle View’ deck:

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