IAB Content Taxonomy 2.2 – Tier 1

101 Languages


Automated Text Classification – Update!

Over the summer, our amazing technology wizards have been working on a new AI microservice – Automated Text Classification – available via FalconV, our ground-breaking AI platform.

The team has built a ‘Classification/Categorization’ API, that can now label any text into one of the IAB (Interactive Advertising Bureau) Content Taxonomy 2.2, TIER 1 categories. We cover both short-form text (e.g. customer reviews, tweets) and long-form text (e.g. news articles, op-ed pieces) and in over 100 languages (!).

There is more work to be done but eventually, we aim to develop capabilities to automatically categorize content across all 4 TIERs of IAB 2.2 (> 600 categories).

This new AI microservice is a significant breakthrough and will prove highly valuable to the AdTech industry (e.g. Publishers, Marketers and Advertisers). Contextual advertising is becoming increasingly important as the use of third-party tracking cookies declines. Robust, scalable and accurate automatic text classification is essential to ensure brand safety and brand suitability.

We have built technology that could help you enable and extend your services in the new era that is coming. Come talk to us :-)!

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