Future LLMs will need Blind Vision Technology

The Paradigm Shift in Web Text Extraction


Everyone’s talking about Large Language Models (LLMs)…

…And their profound impact on AI.

But are you thinking of LLM as new technologies?

Actually, they have been around for quite some time…

LLMs or ‘Transformer’ architectures originated back in 2017 – and HIPSTO’s AI technology team has been deeply immersed in working with the advanced ‘Transformers’ / LLMs ever since. 

LLMs are rapidly transforming industries and domains and the number of future possible applications is staggering. But despite their advancements, we must acknowledge their limitations, and even risks.

Continued R&D and training is critical to harness their power and improve contextual understanding, diminish bias and address ethical challenges. 

High-quality, diverse dataset collection and preparation are essential to this training, especially for domain or industry-specific LLMs. 

If this dataset collection and preparation includes web page understanding and processing then HIPSTO’s Blind Vision technology will become VITAL. 

Blind Vision is a revolutionary web page understanding and processing technology that offers the next paradigm shift in web text extraction.


UNDERSTANDS web page layouts like a human and re-configures code structure changes without manual intervention.

✅ Automatically LABELS, FILTERS and CLEANS unstructured web text data – native in 100+ languages – into clean and structured data.

SOLVES the major headache of Web Page Layout changes for large-scale web scraping initiatives across the globe. 

Discover the power of Blind Vision today.

Or simply get in touch. We may talk high tech, but we’re as human as you are. 👋😉

P.S. We are opening up a funding round specific to Bind Vision Technology. If you are interested please get in touch with us at info@hipsto.ai

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