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🛑 Why Google Translate and other ‘Translation Agents’ suck – and we can prove it!

If your service providers (e.g. Voice of Customer agents, NLP platforms) are using Google Translate (or any other ‘Translation Agent’) for your multi-lingual text data analysis, you may not want to read any further…🙈

HIPSTO’S expert AI technology team have tested the accuracy of native text analysis vs. Google Translate API on short-form text (Customer Reviews: Chinese to English and Russian to English).

We’ve always known that using ‘Translation Agents’ distorts the accuracy in translation of text data, but even we were shocked by our findings! 

❌ Minimum of 10% distortion in both Classification and Sentiment Analysis, translating just into English (where Google Translate has a decent enough model) on short-form text (e.g. Customer Reviews under SKUs on E-commerce platforms).

❌ Using longer form text (e.g. SEC Filing, Legal Documentation, Publisher Content) and a lower quality open source translation agent to translate into multiple languages (e.g. Turkish into English), we estimate with confidence this margin to be in the minimum >40% range of distortion. 

At the scale of millions of data points, this represents mission-critical levels of inaccuracy that you’re paying dearly for. 😱

HIPSTO’s AI text technology platform, using NATIVE analysis and NO translation agents is the only solution you need. 😇

✅ Multilingual capabilities – 100+ languages – native analysis ONLY.
✅ Natural Language Understanding (NLU) for the real semantic meaning of any text – such as a human – as opposed to inferior statistical approaches used in majority NLP engines.
✅ Accurate, real and meaningful data insights.

Ask your provider today how they translate your text data…you can’t afford not to. 

Then come and talk to HIPSTO

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