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Multifaceted Sentiment


Sentiment Analysis is a powerful tool and has a host of commercial applications in various business arenas: E-commerce, Financial Services, Marketing & PR, Media and Publishing. However, it is very difficult to do well. Many companies claim to have some sort of sentiment solution, but upon analysis, few in the market really do. We recently took our own ‘state of the art’ sentiment tool even further to move it close to how humans would judge text contents and contexts.

Our proprietary sentiment detection neural network architecture truly enables Natural Language Understanding (NLU), where machines ‘understand’ the meaning of textual content. We have added new processing layers with mathematical weighting formulas to now be able to judge the sentiment polarity of any text just like humans easily do. We do this in 106 languages, short or long form, low or high frequency, and all this with an F1 score of 0.9443.

We have just completed a deck which illustrates the benefits of our solution over the technology currently in the market. Drop us a line and learn how we can help you make you business ambitions fly (a lot) higher.

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