Multilingual Capabilities – 100+ Languages:

No Machine Translation


All our AI micro-services inside our FalconV platform have REAL multilingual processing capabilities – currently in 100+ languages. 

There are several approaches to multilingual processing. We are using a ‘single model for multiple languages approach’, where a single model is trained to understand multiple languages at the same time, via the use of existing Transformers (e.g. mT5) and added with our own proprietary neural network architectures.

This approach is superior to methods based on machine-translation services, as these significantly distort items and meaning of texts; e.g. Amazon Comprehend’s Sentiment Analysis tool (uses machine translation) is unable to provide a consistent sentiment composition across multiple languages for the same content and context. 

If your firm requires true and accurate multilingual capabilities across text content (e.g. global employee feedback, customer reviews on multiple geographic e-commerce sites, contextual advertising, international company news) then come talk to us. 

Global Coverage, Local Presence.