Named Entity Recognition

Or Automated Text Classification?


If you are a CRM specialist in an enterprise level business, you need to be aware of the AI wave that is coming. AI will transform, but also amplify, the capabilities and effectiveness of antiquated CRMs; from more advanced data ingestion, labeling and retrieval, to sophisticated sentiment analysis and a better level of comment/text classification for analyzing customer reviews.

Named Entity Recognition (NER) is an AI/Natural Language Processing technique, and here at HIPSTO we have built the new global ’State of the Art’ solution – you’ll often see NER touted in blogs and tech media as the go to NLP service to assist with better and more efficient CRM WORD classification.

Whilst NER can certainly be used for WORD classification requirements, we also look at whether our proprietary – and some might argue, far more complex AI microservice – Automated TEXT Classification, that can understand the whole text vs. just recognizing ’named entities’ (as with NER) – adds more value. If so we use it.

The sea might look calm but the wave is coming. Let us help you find the right board to surf it.

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