The new frontier in News Feeds:

Better Insights with AI Text Technology


Accurate news feeds are critical for staying up to date, gaining the latest insights and making intelligent decisions, but information overload and inaccuracy make this a challenging area. Industry-leading AI pipelines like the FalconV platform and the related Blind Vision Technology are creating the next generation newsfeed on quantity and quality, raise the bar on what is possible and help unlock insights from unstructured news text data.

A World of News


With the explosion in 24-hour news media, the amount of news generated each day is truly staggering. Consider how many stories are produced in any given 24 hours across hundreds of different languages, with each piece getting repeated, reposted and rewritten across multiple platforms. Social media has fast become a major source of information, with more than eight-in-ten U.S. adults (86%) reporting they get news from a smartphone, computer or tablet. It’s difficult to estimate how much news contributes to the estimated 1.145 trillion MB of data generated every day, but to say we are drowning in news is not an exaggeration.

Businesses are just as reliant on constant news cycles to stay informed and be ready to act or react to events that might make or break their business.

When we make a trade decision on a securities or crypto exchange platform, we need to know the latest stock or crypto news. When we make a business decision, we want to know the latest updates on markets, competitors, trends and more. When we want to protect our brand, we need to be where the conversation is happening.

But as the world of information expands, so does the massive and important challenge of accuracy.

More news isn’t necessarily more useful information, and the problem of digital disinformation is a major one, not to mention that this information is often in the form of massive volumes of unstructured text data. With news items being republished across multiple languages and different formats, how can we easily access the news items that we need to know about in real-time, so we can act when necessary? And how can we trust what we read?

AI-driven solutions could be the answer.

The next-generation newsfeed


AI-based intelligent text technology is already finding advanced ways to extract, aggregate and filter valuable news on different topics in real-time.

Tailoring a news feed that truly reduces noise, supports accuracy and doesn’t overwhelm is extremely difficult in practice – but HIPSTO is already making it a reality, with proprietary AI solutions taking news feed quality and delivery to a new threshold.

Available as a “plug and play” capability on our FalconV platform and powered by our Blind Vision engine, we’re delivering:

  • Real-time and truly scalable web scraping, with full automation of the process of source re-configuration, for unbeatable accuracy versus standard web scraping methods.
  • Industry-leading multi-language coverage (consistent accuracy across 100+ languages).
  • Highly-accurate filtering, all underpinned by the very latest Natural Language Understanding (NLU) methodologies.
  • Extremely robust duplicate detection delivered at scale (including plagiarism detection*).
  • Advanced sentiment analysis (94.5% accuracy) per individual news item and which emulates how humans judge the content and context of a text.
  • Related news discovery and detection.
  • API delivery, all in one platform.

* We tracked and analyzed the Twitter feeds of the world’s top 300 Crypto Influencers and found that 65% was plagiarism (!), how about that?

Out of the box, we cover the top 1200 global news websites and media including the BBC and major global media titles and detect for duplicates, 1000 items deep. However, these base numbers can be expanded to a theoretically limitless number of news or duplicate thresholds.

Why is it different?


The desire to create an overall better and more accurate newsfeed than any other tech provider was one of HIPSTO’s early aims, and a founding value. In our own privately commissioned tests, we’ve found our newsfeed quality to be significantly superior to major providers such as Flipboard, Feedly, Google News, Daily Hunt and Smart News in terms of quantity of news items extracted, topic relevance and reduced levels
of duplication.

The key differentiator is Blind Vision – HIPSTO’s proprietary data extraction and labelling technology. It replicates how a human sees a web page, understanding the layout of every news item. From here, it extracts only relevant data, applies processes such as sentiment analysis and also detects any duplicate news items.

This is achieved by using a combination of the mT5 Transformer (a state-of-the-art neural network architecture) and our proprietary neural architectures, as well as additional unique mathematical weighting formulae. It’s taken us hundreds and hundreds of hours of testing and experimentation to get to this point.

The all-in-one FalconV platform delivers the whole end-to-end process of newsfeed delivery. This starts from highly scalable (and cost-effective!) web scraping, right through to delivery of the final newsfeed through our API, with the data ready to appear in its desired destination. We can also build a related (native) news app, if necessary. It is an all-in-one solution that can fit a wide variety of use cases.


Staying informed, staying ahead


Within boardrooms and across marketing teams, news on your own company, your competitors and markets play a critical role in PR, Investor Relations, Customer Experience, Marketing, Business Intelligence and Risk Management. Here are some industries we are already helping – and how.


Pre-trading information on different securities has a strong news requirement. From news about contracts, to product announcements, to new appointments, to even the CEO’s social media habits (I think you know who we mean!) – these news items are all key sources for informed trading decisions. Increasingly, access to alternative data and related additional news is also required by Institutional Hedge Funds and Asset Managers – these are the sources that aren’t covered on e.g. Bloomberg News.



Another great example is the fast-moving world of cryptocurrency. With such high price volatility across different currencies, getting real-time news is essential before investing in any crypto exchange, but knowing which stories to trust and avoiding a high noise-to-volume ratio is easier said than done.

HIPSTO’s bespoke research into 150 global Crypto Exchange platforms found that none were offering its client subscribers a sound, pre-trade crypto news feed – an amazing untapped opportunity.


Hipsto newsfeed app preview

Apps and (messenger) Platforms


For data, platform and app providers, having an accurate news feed in your solution can add another dimension and support a surge in adoption. It’s clear that messenger apps will need a dynamic newsfeed requirement at some point – our technology is already making this possible. In fact, we have already added our Bitcoin news feed on the Telegram messenger platform – a world first.

Artificial Intelligence?


We’re also planning an AI-related news app as we are done with the ‘old fashioned’ and static digital AI newsletters :-).


Pioneering the (customized) newsfeed


Don’t let your competitive edge drown in a sea of unstructured text data.

HIPSTO’s powerful FalconV platform and advanced AI Blind Vision technology is already creating next-generation customized news feeds for companies who want to adapt and thrive in the new era of data and information. Talk to us, to cut through the news noise and get ahead.

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