The latest musings from the HIPSTO team on deep learning and advanced AI.

Proprietary NLU Technology

HIPSTO has developed an Advanced REDDIT Monitoring Dataset with unique capabilities superior to all current market propositions, with: multiple metric scanning, proprietary and state-of-the-art Natural Language Understanding (NLU) technology, sentiment analysis, high-accuracy security ticker mapping, text and image processing and comment + reaction monitoring. A tool that can be applied to ALL subreddits.

HIPSTO.Ai – Open for Business!

For several years we’ve been an organization focused on developing a new, ground-breaking AI technology platform, and our trusty, old website reflected that. Today, we start the next part of our exciting journey as we bid our old .global site farewell and welcome a site better suited to showcasing our commercial offerings – we are open for business!

Named Entity Recognition or Automated Text Classification

If you are a CRM specialist in an enterprise level business, you need to be aware of the AI wave that is coming. AI will transform, but also amplify, the capabilities and effectiveness of antiquated CRMs; from more advanced data ingestion, labeling and retrieval, to sophisticated sentiment analysis and a better level of comment/text classification for analyzing customer reviews.

Our Apex NER

Google’s mT5 Transformer is currently considered the most advanced neural network architecture. Our technology team have ‘extended’ mT5 with our own neural network ensemble, to now have a new Apex Named Entity Recognition (NER) solution that is unrivaled in the market on accuracy (F1 score 0.95) and able to perform NER tasks on 100+ languages.

REDDIT Dataset

Post the Gamestop saga, ’swarm trading’ has exploded into a big theme in 2021’s financial markets. Institutional investors, spooked by the potential new ‘retail’ risk, now demand solutions that are able to accurately monitor social (underground) platforms such as e.g. REDDIT’s Wall Street Bets.

Different bee, same honey?

A honey bee weighs 0.00025 pounds, flies up to six miles/day and during its lifetime gathers enough nectar to produce just one twelfth of a teaspoon of honey. That’s a lot of work to produce a small amount of homogeneous mixture.

Multifaceted Sentiment

Sentiment Analysis is a powerful tool and has a host of commercial applications in various business arenas: E-commerce, Financial Services, Marketing & PR, Media and Publishing. However, it is very difficult to do well. Many companies claim to have some sort of sentiment solution, but upon analysis, few in the market really do.

The Neudata Winter Online Summit

This week HIPSTO was delighted to participate in the Neudata Winter Summit (Wednesday 9th December 2020). It was a particularly exciting event for us as there was a huge amount of buzz around the CEO’s presentation ‘Blind Vision - Presenting the new benchmark in Web scraping Technology’.

Our use cases

Back in the day when we were toying around with automated news categorization, we simply matched news articles to categories as featured on major news sites. We recently upped our game to the full content taxonomy as defined by the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB).


Getting frustrated by the low accuracy levels of good 'ol Raw Code Processing or even the (way) more advanced Computer Vision, HIPSTO's data science team tasked themselves to come up with something faster, more accurate and cost efficient.

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