Paradigm Shift

NLP/U/G at the very heart


Over the next decade, the modernization of global investment management will undergo an inevitable paradigm shift – moving from a ‘model centric’ to ‘data centric’ approach.

Driving this is the growing textual information and cognitive overload facing investment teams, which needs to be managed, processed and distilled. Enter, the advanced areas of Natural Language Processing: Natural Language Understanding (NLP/U) – where AI starts to understand the meaning of text like a human, and Natural Language Generation (NLP/G) – where AI generates content in a human-like way.

NLP/U/G technology is certain to provide the lifeblood of modern text data analysis and the massive change that is coming.

HIPSTO has created the beating heart of NLP/U/G with our proprietary, end to end, cloud-based, AI platform –

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