Proprietary NLU technology

Mention & Reaction analysis


The global investment landscape is undergoing a major paradigm shift. Technology, Covid 19 and Crypto Asset trading have fueled the rise and importance of the retail investor. ‘Swarm trading’, and its risk implications, are here and need to be managed – the REDDIT Gamestop saga highlighted this.

HIPSTO has developed an Advanced REDDIT Monitoring Dataset with unique capabilities superior to all current market propositions, with: multiple metric scanning, proprietary and state-of-the-art Natural Language Understanding (NLU) technology, sentiment analysis, high-accuracy security ticker mapping, text and image processing and comment + reaction monitoring. A tool that can be applied to ALL subreddits.

Our bigger plan, currently underway, is a larger, extended social media monitoring dataset that includes many other social data sources (e.g. StockTwits, Telegram), and also features our ‘on topic’ news feed curation capabilities.

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Download our Advanced REDDIT Monitoring Dataset Deck:

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