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REDDIT Dataset


Post the Gamestop saga, ’swarm trading’ has exploded into a big theme in 2021’s financial markets. Institutional investors, spooked by the potential new ‘retail’ risk, now demand solutions that are able to accurately monitor social (underground) platforms such as e.g. REDDIT’s Wall Street Bets.

Some data vendors have jumped to market with simple offerings using spliced together 3rd party technologies. However, inferior open source technologies are unlikely to provide the peace of mind the investment community are seeking at this time.

In response, we have developed our own HIPSTO REDDIT Analysis Solution using our proprietary AI platform. It already incorporates our advanced web scraping technology, named entity recognition, sentiment analysis, related content detection and optical character recognition. And, it can carry out REDDIT risk monitoring in real-time, across all global exchanges – if required, in over 100 languages.

However, it can also do this on any other social or messenger platform, and on other asset classes like e.g.crypto currencies.

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