World Class Tech Team

Biology meets AI


Here at HIPSTO, AI software development provides the engine to power solutions that provide genuine value to our clients. And, having our own world class engineering team to do this, provides us with a high-leverage differentiator. 

Our technology team already consists of a Professor and PhDs in Mathematics, Data Science, AI, Military Cybernetics, along with Senior Specialists in search engine technology and infrastructure architecture – together they hold a combined >100 years of experience in IT project management! 

Recently, we added another star to our team, a ‘Geneticist’, who has done a remarkable job of uncovering a variety of phenomenal, statistical data insights for our upcoming ‘Advanced SEC Filings Dataset’. 

Who would have thought that a biology background would translate so well to helping us build our amazing AI knowledge discovery platform? 

But then again, thinking outside of the box is part of our DNA here at HIPSTO!

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