Smarter protection & matching

Advanced contextual intelligence

Media & Publishing

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Increase ad inventory value

Make every dollar count with contextual targeting

Gilt edge your technology with a fully automated brand safety solution that understands content, context and sentiment, whilst carrying out continuous screening to protect against invalid traffic and spoof sites.

The spotlight is firmly on brand safety. TAG and IAB have placed a focus on it, and advertisers now demand it. Futureproof your technology by providing your clients with ‘brand suitability’ that will further maximize their spend.




Higher yield, greater confidence

Ad Inventory that exceeds advertiser objectives

Elevate your ad inventory yield and boost advertiser confidence with contextual targeting and granular ad placement data.

What would it mean to your clients to be able to place their advertising beside truly relevant editorial that compliments their offering? What would it mean to you to have a highly targeted and brand safety solution that will work with your existing booking platform?




Apex brand sentiment

Did you hear what they said about you?

Consumers are talking about your brand, products and services. Are you listening?

Our technology allows you to monitor and assess sentiment towards your brand and offering across articles, reviews and social media posts. We use our propitiatory AI solution to monitor, update and alert you in seconds, so that your data will always be fresh and you can take immediate action.

Try our sentiment tool for yourself and discover for yourself how HIPSTO’s advanced open knowledge discovery platform goes beyond basic Natural Language Processing (NLP). It truly understands the sentiment behind complex written content (in over 106 languages), by using breakthrough Proprietary Natural Language Understanding (NLU) technology.

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