Intelligent & multilingual

Automated data labeling

Machine Learning

There seems to be no shortage of text data labeling solutions. You’ll find them hosted by small providers and large household names. However, they all share common factors. ‘AI’ frequently forms part of the service narrative, yet they are typically people-powered entities requiring vast internal skill-capital, or large crowdsourced teams.

Our approach is different

HIPSTO’s Blind Vision technology completely rewrites the approach to data training and labeling, with a true-AI solution. Now, there is no need to be constrained by the data that you have. Our AI will analyze the web content pointed to, and Blind Vision will understand that intelligently and in a multilingual capacity.

Our Process

 An explanation of every stage of customer engagement:

Customer provides specification & requirements

At the start of the project the sources of data will be outlined (e.g. websites, social media, reviews etc) and customer’s analysis requirements will be set (e.g. NER, sentiment, taxonomy etc)

HIPSTO sets up the pipeline & provides the sample output

The appropriate combination of Microservices will be compiled to create input, curation and output layers that will produce the sample data for the customer to assess.

Customer verification & confirmation

After checking the data the customer can determine whether it achieves the desired goal and either action the next stage or go back a stage and refine the information delivered.

Automated delivery by HIPSTO

The automated labelling process is initiated and all results delivered via API by default, or in a predetermined format for excel, mobile app, messenger platform or CMS.

Quality control by both HIPSTO & the customer

Quality is of paramount importance and automatically controlled by HIPSTO’s technology to meet, and we hope exceed, customer expectations.  

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