Complex Data Extraction
Automated Categorization
Advanced Sentiment Analysis


Complex Platforms


Our technology platform empowers efficient and accurate extraction of data including consumer reviews and ratings, from highly-complex, global E-commerce platforms.

Our AI curation capabilities around automated text categorization and state-of-the-art sentiment analysis provide advanced enabling technology for Voice of Customer (VoC) analytics, customer intelligence and marketing – with a fast, smooth integration.

Our multilingual model – 100+ languages – coupled with our scalable web scraping solutions allow for true global E-commerce platform coverage.

VoC AI Solutions Pipeline

Diagram of HIPSTO's AI Solutions pipeline


“Long story short, Wonderflow provides HIPSTO the sources from which we want to retrieve customer feedback, and they periodically send us a snippet containing all that information. If we’re going to modify the source list, we can easily do it with almost zero effort. With HIPSTO in our tech stack, our users will be able to go through all their reviews and ratings from highly complex areas, specifically Chinese and Russian e-commerce sites. The integration of their product with our own has been fast and smooth, and it’s now almost effortless to retrieve new information from our selected sources.”

Luca Galasso
Full-Stack Developer at Wonderflow


Best Extraction Technology

Voice of Customer

Data track SKUs across the E-commerce landscape.

Multilingual Sentiment Analysis

Customer Sentiment

Gain consistent individual and aggregate sentiment.

Automated Text Classification

Review categorization

Categorize customer reviews in customized fields.

“Brands that invest in their existing Voice of Customer (VoC) analytics programs can significantly improve many areas of business: sales, customer satisfaction, net promoter scores, competitive analysis, engagement, loyalty, and customer experience (CX). Wonderflow is a growing and leading VoC analytics platform, and we are a proud technology partner.”

Sebastian Owen
CEO & Founder

Better Data Sets, Better Analytics – Better Business

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