Optimized Investment Models
Advanced Alt Data sets

Financial Services

Unstructured Data

 The financial markets are constantly changing, and institutions must find information edges that will help optimize investment models, provide alternative data sets and offer unique alpha-generating trading signals.

HIPSTO’s technology platform provides AI tools required to overcome the technical challenges of leveraging unstructured (text) data, minimize the costs associated with processing and analyzing it, and deliver a powerful information edge to financial firms.

“Over the next decade, the financial services industry will experience a paradigm shift, from a model-centric to a data-centric approach. The growing informational and cognitive overload will need to be managed. Advanced Artificial Intelligence such as Natural Language Understanding and Generation will be fundamental to this shift. Our highly-advanced AI platform will help hedge funds, banks and asset managers globally to transition to this new data era.”

Sebastian Owen
CEO & Founder

Alt Data Sets


A good dataset should be clean, error-free and provide both top-level and granular data – a core characteristic of our Advanced Alt Data sets.

Our Falcon V technology platform allows us to ‘chain’ a series of proprietary AI microservices in order to deliver any bespoke alt data solution to meet needs inside asset management, risk operations, (quant) trading, market intelligence, quantamental research or portfolio construction – faster, with agility, and not dependent on any third-party technologies.

Unstructured data, Labor statistics, SEC filings, ESG metrics, Social listening

“The rise and importance of the retail investor are poised to grow exponentially; swarm trading has already established itself as an aspect of ‘risk’ that needs to be closely monitored, analysed and managed. HIPSTO’s REDDIT Monitoring Dataset offers the best in class tool to examine multiple data sources to minimize risk.”

Top tier US Hedge Fund


Microservices & Datasets

Superior Sentiment Analysis

Consistent sentiment composition on online text content in 101 languages.

Reddit Data Monitoring

Consistent sentiment composition on online text content in 101 languages.

Scalable Web Scraping

Unlimited online (text) data, scraped real-time in 101 languages.

Customized Data Sets

Unstructured data, Labor statistics, SEC filings, ESG metrics, Social listening.

Clean Data

Mapping, automated cleaning and aggregation of data.

Risk Monitoring

Assess (emerging) risk around positions, assets and counterparts.

Bitcoin News

Includes: Advanced web scraping, news and social media, sentiment analysis.

Advanced Reddit Monitoring

Data Set

Includes: Sentiment analysis and reply monitoring. Request Paper/Trial.

SEC 10-K/Q Fillings Analysis

Data Set

Includes: Changes in risk disclosure sentiment analysis and alpha prediction.

AI Solutions


Financial institutions demand the very best technologies available, to develop their information discovery pipelines, data management platforms and quantamental research capabilities. 

All proprietary AI microservices inside the FalconV platform have been developed using the latest machine learning approaches and are founded in deep academic data science. 

Our market-superior capabilities in the areas of text extraction, web scraping and sentiment analysis will drive your firm’s journey towards AI maturity, for a competitive edge.

“Our team has an extensive background in financial markets having operated on the trading floors of Tier 1 financial institutions and inside large asset managers around the globe. We understand the complex challenges and risks associated with financial services, and have built our AI platform to address those unique areas of opportunity.”

Marcel Driessen

Creating Alpha


  Advanced Reddit Monitoring


Includes: Sentiment analysis and reply monitoring.


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