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Automated Text Labeling

Blind Vision, our world-leading extraction and labeling technology, outperforms any data labeling solutions using manual methods on the market today.

Our automated text labeling deploys advanced AI that matches human-in-the-loop accuracy, has a multilingual text (100+ languages) capacity and can be applied to long and short form online text content. This reduces latency by manual labeling, saving invaluable time and resources.

Welcome to a new industry-disruptive labeling technology to improve modern data analysis. 

“Data labeling is the single most important step in any AI/Machine Learning initiative. Studies suggest that 96% of companies that will initiate AI projects in the coming decade will struggle with data labeling. Artificial Intelligence frequently forms part of the data labeling service narrative by solution providers, however, these typically require heavy human capital involvement and large crowdsourced teams. We have developed true AI tools to fully automate the entire labeling process.”

Volodymer Argunov
Head of AI


Automated Text Annotation

Data Set Preparation

Text labeling made simple, cost-efficient and accurate with fully automated AI.

Customer Review Data

Sophisticated Extraction & cleaning

Enable your VoC and Consumer Analytics with cleaned data sets.

Our Process

Customer provides specification & requirements

At the start of the project the sources of data will be outlined (e.g. websites, social media, reviews etc) and customer’s analysis requirements will be set (e.g. NER, sentiment, taxonomy etc)

HIPSTO sets up the pipeline & provides the sample output

The appropriate combination of Microservices will be compiled to create input, curation and output layers that will produce the sample data for the customer to assess.

Customer verification & confirmation

After checking the data the customer can determine whether it achieves the desired goal and either action the next stage or go back a stage and refine the information delivered.

Automated delivery by HIPSTO

The automated labelling process is initiated and all results delivered via API by default, or in a predetermined format for excel, mobile app, messenger platform or CMS.

Quality control by both HIPSTO & the customer

Quality is of paramount importance and automatically controlled by HIPSTO’s technology to meet, and we hope exceed, customer expectations.  

    Customized Data Labeling Solutions

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