HIPSTO launches Advanced Reddit Monitoring Dataset

Responding to the activities of r/WallStreetBets


Amsterdam, 17th May 2021 – HIPSTO today announced the launch of its Advanced Reddit Monitoring Dataset in response to the unprecedented trading activities of the subreddit, WallStreetBets. The Package is powered by HIPSTO’s proprietary FalconV™ AI technology and is intended to provide the ultimate risk management tool to an investment community previously unable to effectively monitor the conversations and trading signals in social
groups of this type.

The advanced solution actively monitors – in 100+ languages – what is being said about listed securities on all of the major global exchanges, including: stocks, ADRs, ETFs and SPACs. Featuring: high-accuracy ticker mapping, multiple metric analysis, score aggregation of up and down votes, individual and aggregated sentiment, ‘whale’ activity tracking, and even the recognition of text in image form via OCR (Optical Character Recognition). Information is collated, as standard: hourly, daily, weekly and monthly; however, near real-time data is available upon request from the client.

“After the GameStop event, a number of global hedge funds immediately asked if we could help with a solution that would monitor Reddit risk signals. Whilst the situation came out of the blue for everyone, our FalconV platform is perfectly suited to creating bespoke solutions of this type. Chaining the AI microservices at the heart of our technology has allowed us to bring to market a solution that already surpasses current offerings and will continue to evolve.”
Sebastian Owen, CEO & Founder of HIPSTO.

The release of the Advanced Reddit Monitoring Dataset marks the first phase in HIPSTO providing the global investment community with a series of tools that deliver highly targeted and granular data, combined with superior analysis capabilities. The proprietary NLP/U, NER, Sentiment and Related Content Detection technologies used to create this offering can be extended to all other subreddits or applied to other social and messaging platforms,
including, e.g. StockTwits, Twitter and Telegram. And it is possible to change the focus of the subject matter to cryptocurrencies, or the client’s topic of choice.

An introductory 15-page PDF document is available upon request from info@hipsto.ai that details the propriety technology used, service features and timeline for new dataset integrations.



HIPSTO is building the world’s premier AI open knowledge discovery platform, FalconV™. Its proprietary AI solution is a fully automated, cloud-based, end-to-end solutions stack that provides unparalleled (text) data extraction, curation, analysis and delivery in 100+ languages. FalconV™
consists of a series of chained NLP microservices that can be used singularly, or in combination, to provide a variety of out-of-the-box or bespoke solutions for multiple industries.

Further information about HIPSTO, its technology and services can be found at: www.hipsto.ai. Follow HIPSTO on LinkedIn www.linkedin.com/company/hipsto and Twitter @hipsto.ai. © HIPSTO 2021.

For all media inquiries please email press@hipsto.ai.

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