Advanced Contextual Intelligence
Brand Safety & Suitability
Engagement Engine

Publishing & Advertising

Contextual Intelligence 2.0

Our contextual technology uses Blind Vision and advanced proprietary Natural Language Understanding (NLU) to understand the true meaning of any text, long and short form, in over 100 languages.

We are empowering online advertising in the cookie-less age, while still adhering to brand safety protocols, and future-proofing brand suitability strategies.

From automated text classification, to advanced sentiment analysis to proven engagement monetisation, this is the next generation in advertising.

A new, cutting edge and single AI platform.


Automated Text Classification

Contextual Targeting

AdTech enabling technology for a Cookie-less era.

Text Intelligence 2.0

Brand Safety & Suitability

Protect your brand with next-gen contextual targeting & control.

Automated Poll Generation

Content Engagement

Encourage prolonged user engagement with automated native poll generation.

Advanced Sentiment Analysis

Semantic Intelligence

Analyze semantics of text in a human-like way…

FalconV Platform

Social Listening

Extract, monitor and assess brand sentiment across global sources.

“The annual global contextual advertising market is set to grow north of $400 billion by 2027 on the back of a move to ‘Privacy First’. We have developed leading-edge AI technology to enable the publishing, media and advertising industry to adapt and thrive in this new era.”

James Spice

Next Generation Intelligent Advertising

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