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Complex Challenges,
No Code NLU AI Solutions

The transformative effects of AI can already be felt across almost every industry.

Despite this, companies the world over are struggling to harness its power. Sophisticated AI technology requires capital investment and elite technicians that are beyond the reach of many.

HIPSTO’s proprietary AI text technology unearths unstructured text data across the globe and uses bleeding-edge AI NLU analyses including classification, sentiment analysis and named entity recognition, across many verticals and industries.

We’ve created no-code AI pipelines for multiple uses, underpinned by the latest Transformer architectures, to create fast, accessible and scalable solutions.

FalconV platform


1. End-to-End Platform

Access to unstructured text data + state-of-the art NLU analysis + delivery.

Multiple AI Microservices.

2. Proprietary AI

No inferior ‘open source’ NLP toolkits (SpaCy, Amazon Comprehend, Rekognition).

3. Cutting-edge AI

All our AI microservices are based on the latest and most advanced ‘Transformers’ (Neural Network Language Architectures) by Facebook (e.g. XLM-R) and Google (e.g. mT5).

4. New Architectures

Actively looking at new architectures like Perceiver, and DALL-E of which Perceiver looks conceptually highly promising.

5. Platform AI

Falcon V platform allows for multiple ’no-code NLU AI pipeline solutions (AIaaS) for a diverse range of industries – Financial Services, Media, Legal, Science, Privacy, Medical, Insurance, etc.

6. Customisable

We are enthusiasts of tailored problem-solving vs generic all-purpose tools.

7. Blind Vision

World’s best Web Text Extraction Technology.

Uses Supervised and Unsupervised learning in different modules for different data processing steps.

8. Multi-lingual

Native Multi-lingual Text Analysis – 100+ languages – in short (e.g. customer reviews) and long (e.g. news articles, SEC filings) form text.

No inferior and open-source translation agents.

9. Highest Quality – F1 scores

Highest quality NLU levels as we make special emphasis on Deep Learning vs. Machine Learning.

F1 score is suitable for most of the classification tasks (classification, NER, Sentiment) and is over 0.94.

10. Resources

We actively employ Transfer learning, both zero- and few-shot learning to achieve the best results with limited resources of data scientists and data engineers.

Explore the AI Opportunity with HIPSTO

Get accessible AI solutions to drive your business further – and faster.

  Customer Service


Enhance the customer service proposition and journey through advanced customer data extraction and natural language understanding.


  News Monitoring


Real-time news curation on any topic, event or theme, from different and disperse online sources.


  Best Extraction Technology

Data track SKUs across the E-commerce landscape to uncover key customer insights.


  Multilingual Sentiment Analysis

Gain consistent individual and aggregate sentiment scores in 101 languages over your entire SKU portfolio.


  Automated Poll Generation

Encourage prolonged user engagement with automated native poll, trivia and quiz generation.


  Automated Text Annotation

Text labeling made simple, cost-efficient and accurate with fully automated AI.


  Customer Review Data

Enable your VoC and Consumer Analytics with clean and prepared input data from complex E-commerce environments.


  Named Entity Recognition

Secure CCPA and GDPR governance compliance with AI-powered sensitive information discovery.


  Duplicate Detection

Anomaly detection to service the increased focus on the regulatory provisions required for asset trading (crypto) and legal services.


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