Endless possibilities

Limitless solutions

Our solutions are ready to handle specific tasks within existing or newly created text data processing environments. Our open architecture allows seamless integration with any data workflow or 3rd party processing solution.

What’s more, all solutions can be tailored to meet specific extraction, curation, analysis or delivery demands. All bespoke solutions are developed in-house and compliant to the very latest industry standards.

Let AI become part of your DNA

News Monitoring

Real-time news curation from
online sources. Output can be
pushed to multiple distribution


Business Intelligence

Leveraging real-time,
cleaned web data is a winning strategy
for actionable insights.



Data track SKUs across the
E-commerce landscape and uncover key insights for yield optimization.


Content Engagement

Encourage prolonged user engagement with automated native poll, trivia and quiz generation, utilizing our AI context detection.



Secure CCPA and GDPR governance compliance with AI powered sensitive information discovery.



Anomaly detection to service the increased focus on the regulatory provisions required for asset trading (crypto) and legal services.


Customer Service

Enhance your customer service proposition and improve the customer journey using advanced NLP.


Our solutions are only limited by your endeavor.