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Superior AI

Text Data Labeling



Automated Annotation

Welcome to the new era of automated annotation

We understand the data annotation challenges that face you on your digital transformation journey. Current machine learning model training and data labeling preparation is time-consuming, labor intensive and a costly endeavor.

Our automated labeling solution marks the end of all that. It allows you to accelerate your AI aspirations with a precise, high-speed and cost-effective service. We are completely rewriting the manual for data labeling.

Alternative Data



Scalable Web Scraping

Want to get the ultimate information edge?

External data available on the web contains valuable gems of unconventional information. However, it is largely in an unstructured form that is extremely difficult for you to extract, analyze and collate with speed.

We are extremely proud of our web scraping technology. It’s multilingual, real-time, truly scalable and resolves the 5 most prevalent issues faced by standard web scraping solutions. Most importantly, it will help you find your gems of information and uncover your unique alpha.

Brand Safety & Suitability



Text Intelligence 2.0

You built your brand, we’ll protect it

A brand has the power to influence purchasing decisions, raise investment or even accumulate social shares. A strong brand not only influences the value of a business, but also its perception.

Our technology allows you to verify and optimize ad placement, maximize your paid exposure and safeguard against ads on undesirable sites. Assessing individual pages allows us to block ad placement beside hate speech, violence and adult content, that could otherwise contribute to your spend.